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After three decades as a professional newspaper reporter, I went back to school to brush up on my skills and pick up new ones. I’ve been an award-winning investigative reporter at the Arizona Republic and the Oakland Tribune. After graduating with a master's degree from Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I started my own company and launched a freelancing career.

Where I’ve Been:


I was born and raised near London, England, and hold a dual US-UK citizenship. That upbringing taught me to straddle two worlds. It has served me my whole life, particularly as a journalist.  I left after high school and attended undergraduate college at the University of California at Berkeley. I began my career as a reporter in the Bay Area, and covered the transportation system, the Bay Bridge reconstruction saga, counterterrorism, fire and earthquake preparedness and much more. My career at the Oakland Tribune culminated in award-winning investigations of the Bay Bridge and of California’s homeland security efforts.

Where I Am:


I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Republic hired me in 2006 to cover the emerging light rail system, but I was privileged to be part of the Republic’s award-winning coverage of the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and of the fatal Yarnell Hill Fire. More recently I covered the courts and became the weekend breaking news editor. For several years I’ve been teaching journalism at ASU. I'm now independent, freelancing crime, court and general assignment stories locally. I'm trying to build my business offering services in reporting, writing, copy-editing, research and coaching writers.


Where I’m Heading:


The world of journalism is changing before our eyes, almost in real time. I want to be part of its future, which I think is as bright and vital as ever. I enrolled at ASU to brush up on my photography skills, get proficient with videography and skilled in using all the online multimedia tools that are out there. At Cronkite I was exposed to podcasting and developed a taste for that format. I love narrative storytelling, especially when it’s anchored by great data analysis, dogged pursuit of public records and strong investigative reporting techniques. Marry that with great sound, video and photos and you have the ultimate in journalism. My goal is to be a self-contained expert in writing long-form articles and producing top documentaries. I'm interested in producing journalism projects, writing in-depth magazine articles and maybe books.

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